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FRx Reports Consulting Services

FRx Reports Consulting Services based in Denver, Colorado

We are FRx Reports consultants based in Denver, Colorado. We offer the following services:

  • One-on-One Training. Personalized, one-on-one training at your place of business. Tailored to your specific skill level and needs. Onsite Group Training. We come to your place of business and provide hands-on training tailored to your group's existing skill level. One advantage of onsite training is that we can utilize your company's existing data and FRx setup.
  • Publicly Available Classroom Training. We offer FRx training classes on a regular basis at our Denver training facility.
  • Report Development. Are you struggling to find the time to create the reports you need? Let us build some reports for you. We have experience writing a wide variety of FRx reports, including complex reports involving FRx trees. We believe that we are particularly effective at report building because we understand what the reports mean (since we are accountants). We also tie out all new reports to make sure that they are correctly capturing the data you want.
  • Ongoing Support. If you need help from time to time, please call us. We can be your "on call" support team. We are there to help you during critical times of need - if you have a key employee go on vacation, or if you get in a crunch and need some additional help generating FRx reports at quarter end or year end.

Please call Devin Johnson at 303-725-4684 to discuss your needs. We charge $95.00 per hour for FRx Reports consulting.