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Introduction to Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Training Class

This is a two day, class-room style introductory training class on Dynamics GP accounting software. It assumes that you have no previous experience using Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) accounting software.

Target Student:

Anyone with a desire or need to learn how to use the "basic" features of Dynamics GP (Great Plains).

Course outline:

This course doesn't cover all of the features of Great Plains. Great Plains is a complex ERP/accounting software with a ton of modules and/or features. But this course is an excellent introduction to the "basic" modules of Great Plains. We cover the following topics:

* An overview to the system (its capabilities, flaws, etc...)

* An overview of how security works

* An overview of the different modules to the system

* The general ledger

* The accounts payable module

* The bank reconciliation module

* The canned GP Reports (how they work, which ones are useful, etc...)

* SMARTLIST, perhaps GP's best feature (in our humble opinion)

Obviously, we can't cover everything in two days. But we think this is a great starting point.

Our instructors try to answer any and all specific questions you may have on GP, even if they didn't originally intend to cover the topic in this class. But our instructors obviously can't go totally off the agenda.

Please call Devin Johnson at 303-725-4684 if you have questions about the content.